★special tips with God

The secret that could last 5,000 days

Knowing one secret may change your life…

Yesterday I told about the thing lasting 5,000 days. Today it’s about the secret of it.

The secret is to count. If you have something keeping on, try counting it. Please remember the day you started. There are now many ways to count from that day to the present. (If you don’t understand, ask a question!)

What happens is that, a day that is nothing, changes to a special day!

When did you get married? When did you join the company? When did you start loving God? Already forgot? It’s OK, you can create the day as you want. Is there anything makes you excited, if you start it tomorrow?

God has given us the wisdom of counting time. The power to rejoice by shaping invisible things.

And when we start counting, it becomes fun and we can’t stop.

But if the record breaks, what should we do? The answer will come out when we ask God about it. If you feel God want you to continue, yes please. At that time, please listen quietly and focus on the heart of God. Hope your life is richer and happier!